La Pesca

In the municipality of Soto la Marina is La Pesca, a touristic destination highly visited in summer. The beach of soft sand is defined by the impressive landscape of the Laguna Madre, an area of 230 kilometers of salt water opened to the Gulf of Mexico, considerate protected area, and habitat of a large variety of aquatic birds. In it flow several rivers; being the Conchos River and Soto la Marina the most important, here also is the Morales Lagoon, an excellent choice to sport fishing.

La Pesca has more than 20 hotels on the coast, with quality services and access to the river or the lagoon, palm thatches, rent of boats and fishing stores, restaurants with a large variety of dishes based on fresh fish and delicious seafood like shrimp.




Did you know...

On its shore, as in other beaches of Tamaulipas, year after year arrive the Lora Turtle (Kemp’s Ridley), for that reason there are camps specialized on their protection.